Integrated Health Care

MyCare provides integrated service offerings with a member-centric approach keeping the family physician as a nodal point for each member to guide them through the maze of healthcare delivery.

Care aligned with wellness

MyCare's incentives are designed to align with the good health of its members through proactive health monitoring by its Physicians, diametrically opposite to the incentives aligned to the Fee for Service' healthcare system which relies on patients' sickness.

Transparent and Trusted

MyCare does not accept any form of referral fees, kinds or commissions making Healthcare within means. Being an independent entity, MyCare has no interest in promoting products or services of its affiliate organisations and provides unbiased advice and services to its members as a trusted healthcare partner.

Proactive technology

MyCare strongly believes in harnessing the potential of technology and continuously evaluates latest technology for adoption. To enhance quality of care and improve access at abridged costs, MyCare provides its members with a personalised member portal to track their health while being managed by Physicians through a 360 degree comprehensive Electronic Health Record platform.

Primary Care of the future

MyCare through its holistic team of Medical Professionals and Health Coaches is focused on providing care that is coordinated, proactive and participative.